3 Amazing Things To Do With The Kiddos Because It's Almost Spring School Vacay

Kate Moss made them a must have for the fashion-y set back when she wore them with short shorts to the Glastonbury Music Festival (during the Pete Doherty era, around 2005). On a recent episode of her Sirius XM/Radio Andy show Sandyland, Sandra Bernhard bemoaned that she hadn’t packed any for her recent trip to the muddy English countryside (The Cotswolds). April around these parts also equals Wellies and well…Spring school recess. Before you can say “Another vacation?!?”, here’s a list of incredible activities to enjoy with the kiddos NEXT WEEK. Three things to help reconnect you and the littles in your life with the natural world around us. So roll up your sleeves, get ready to maybe dig in the dirt (more about that in a sec), and motor over to these swell events around the OS.

Photo by ipopba/iStock/Getty Images

Photo by ipopba/iStock/Getty Images

With April being Earth month (Earth Day’s Monday, April 22nd.), why not pop over to the Planetarium at the Museum of Natural History at RWP for the brand new (full dome) Earth’s Changing Climate? You can catch it everyday at 2pm sharp during school vacay week. For a small fee of $3 per person - that includes entry to the entire museum - you’ll learn about Mother Earth and how her climate impacts (and is impacted by) everything, including of course, us.

Want a garden, but don’t have the space or time to cultivate something extensive? Start small with this class in Charlestown that’s tailored specifically for children ages 3-12. They’ll walk you guys thru the steps of seed starting and send you home with a biodegradable planted pot in a tiny greenhouse. Cute, right? Click here for more deets.

Yes, the dates for The Newport Daffodil Days Festival 2019 do line up with Spring break. And there are almost too many events to choose from. Celebrate NDD at Green Animals Topiary in Portsmouth, the oldest garden of its kind in the whole United States, where you can learn about all the different types of daffodils. Or how about a Trolley Tour? On Sunday, April 14th, it sets out from Easton’s Beach and takes you and the kiddies around to all the best daffodil spots. Can you say Spring photo ops? Spots are limited, though. Find out more here.