4 More Eateries To Explore If You're In A Restaurant Rut & Looking For Some New Spots

Gravitating to the same spots for lunch or dinner over and over again?

We've all been there at one point or another. You thought things were going so well and then, suddenly, your food life seems so…blaaaaah. No doubt about it, you’re in a restaurant rut. But there is hope (always!).

So turn off that foodie autopilot you've been cruising on and and scroll down to see the local eateries from around the Ocean State that these contributors to the site have gushed about. Are you already in the know about them? Or are you missing out? Find out here and now.

1. “We like to have dinner at Quito's, a tiny little place, known for its delicious seafood, and sometimes we'll sit and have a cocktail at Thames Waterside and watch the sailboats, always topping it all off with ice cream from Gray's. There are lots of cute shops to pop in to while eating your ice cream." (Jenny Dionne DiMuccci of One Studio Smooch, talking about Bristol)

2. "I like River Falls in Woonsocket. It's a hidden gem. Restaurant by day, city side bar at night. The best part is sitting by the water for some drinks and seafood." (Shanna Molina, on one of her Rhody favs)

Woonsocket Photo by DenisTangneyJr/iStock /Getty Images

Woonsocket Photo by DenisTangneyJr/iStock /Getty Images

3. "They have the best Pad Thai. I order it with shrimp...I love this place! Small, intimate, and family owned. Lovely people. Great food. BYOB." (Mary Colburn, talking about Thai Orchid in Cranston)

4. “All the ingredients are locally sourced and the food is amazing...Insider Tip: Order the Celestial Cosm and the Citrus Pesto Calamari and make sure to get some bread to mop up the extra pesto sauce." (Amy Levesque Fields of Hub Digital, talking about The Celestial Cafe in Exeter)