You Can Watch Your Wedding Gift Or New Mug Being Made At This South County Shop & Wow

It could be the closest we’ll get to a real life Stars Hollow (instead of Luke’s Diner, they’ve got Shayna’s Place), but how well do you really know Wickford Village?

Sure you may already be familiar with some of the history on and around Brown Street. There’s the Waterside Mill building, the grey-ish blue structure at number 1 Brown that once housed the Village’s sole successful mill project. Then there’s the white temple-looking building that was once the Wickford Public Library. (Would it be fantastic if it was still a library?!) And how about The Sunflower House, the multi color gabled, 2.5 story dwelling also known as the William Gregory House, WG being a 19th century industrialist who went on to become the 46th Governor of Rhode Island.

Now what about the white cape with the blue shutters and anchor adorned front door?


Because We Could Use Some Spring Right About Now

Maybe you’ve strolled by, but did you know…there’s a story there, an awesome studio space behind the private home and the Spring Pottery shop where you can watch the actual pieces of pottery that’re ultimately sold in said shop being made? I mean, there’s something so relaxing about watching someone else make pottery. Am I right? (So much better for us than staring at our phones!)

Ready To Be Bowled Over?

The combination store, pottery studio, and living space is the creation of a husband and wife team (Harry & Elizabeth Spring - He does the pottery or wheel throwing, as the kids call it, and she’s an author and astrologer.) responsible for rescuing the charming property dating back to 1833 from foreclosure. Over the years they’ve become known for their bowls (including one inscribed version that has become a popular wedding gift), pitchers, pie dishes, platters, mugs, and more. So next time you find yourself wandering the streets of The Wick, a stop at 14 Brown Street should definitely be on your agenda.

Photo Credits: All photos by Stacey Doyle Photography