This 90's Classic Is Coming Back To Theaters, So Text Your Movie Buddy & Make Plans

As Cher Horowitz (Alicia Silverstone’s character in the 90’s classic Clueless) might say, if you miss this, you’ll probably be buggin!


Yesss, my friends at Showcase Cinemas are bringing back one of my all time favorite flicks from the 1990’s - CLUELESS! The famous lines (“Ugh, as if”, “I totally paused!”, and the list goes on). The fashion (Who amongst us at the time didn’t have a serious case of closet envy over Cher’s dreamy digital set-up?). The ginormous flip phones (Can you say clunky? Remember how we all thought they were so cutting edge?). A young Paul Rudd (Hellooooo, C-U-T-E!). And, last but certainly not at all least, Alicia Silverstone at her adorable best as Cher.


Get tickets (The really great news? They are available NOW.), then make a movie and popcorn date with your friends to see it next week: it’s playing March 14th & 17th at a participating Showcase. Fun times for sure!

Photo Credits: All pictures at the Showcase Warwick RI location are by Stacey Doyle Photography
**This post is sponsored and part of a partnership with Showcase Cinemas/IMAX.