This Candy Shop In South County Is The Perf Spot To Explore During School Vacay Week

Before Candy Crush was a thing -  and the gourmet jelly bean craze of the 1980’s (Remember THAT? For a few years there, it felt as though they were everywhere!) - there was penny candy. Unfortunately, most of the shops in the OS that used to offer it went the way of the Sony Walkman and dayglo socks or poodle skirts.

Photo by fcafotodigital/iStock /Getty Images

Photo by fcafotodigital/iStock /Getty Images

Until recently.

If you have a hankering for a Charleston Chew (dating back to roaring 20’s and the dance of the same name) or maybe some Pez and a candy necklace (still part of the pop culture landscape for anyone who grew up during the 80’s), there’s a new-ish shop in Wakefield that you’ll want to explore this Spring.

Next to Brinkley’s Ice Cream, the old timey inspired Main Street Candy not only has the sweets you remember fondly from your childhood, but also ones your mom, dad, and grandparents most likely coveted too. And for the record, they keep the Charleston Chews in a mini fridge which any candy connoisseur will tell you is the only way to properly store CC’s. (Ditto for Snickers and Peppermint Patties.)

In addition to the sea of candy bins (Grab a paper bag and create your own goody bag!), there’s also fudge, trail mix named for a bunch of area beaches (from the Salty Brine’s Shoreline Stroll blend with M&M’s, raisins, almonds, and sunflower seeds to the Scarborough Beach Surf’s Up Mix featuring diced pineapple and yogurt covered raisins), and still other stuff from Sweenor’s. I’m not sugarcoating it - this is a sweet lover’s paradise!

PS ~ This will definitely come in candy: I saw something online about gingerbread workshops and girls’ nights, so you could probably even host some kind of event there this Summer for the candy fan in your life.

Main Street Candy is located at 324 Main Street in Wakefield, RI.