People Go Bananas Over This Spring Plant & Garden Festival & You Have To See It To Be-Leaf It


There’s just something about being surrounded by greenery that’s so…calming. Same reason I used to enjoy Martha Stewart’s old show on Lifetime back in the early 2000’s (or early aughts, as the kids are fond of saying). It was such a de-stresser watching her work in the garden or around the yard. Most people probably associate her more with cooking and entertaining, but gardening is right up there too in terms of her skill set or expertise.


If you’re interested in channeling your inner Martha this Spring & Summer (or perhaps Kim Wilde, who in her post pop star life is now believe it or not one of the UK’s top gardening lecturers…hey, you can always hum “Kids In America” whilst you work) and maybe doing some digging in the dirt, our friends at the URI Cooperative Extension, along with a whole host of URI Master Gardener volunteers, have their Spring 2019 Festival coming up on Saturday, May 4th at the Botanical Gardens on the Kingston Campus.


People literally wait all year for this event. I mean, it’s kind of a very big deal: There’s a huge plant sale (annuals, perennials, vegetables, and herb varieties - the works!); kiosks set up where you can do everything from get the pH of your soil tested (From what I hear, it’s best to have it slightly acidic.) to ask away when it comes to cultivation, horticulture, and the like; and the South Kingstown Farmers Market too. Essentially, putting a brand new spin on the term garden party. (And the dress code is decidely more cas.)


So, whether you’re onboard with the whole Plants of Instagram or Girls with Plants trends online or not (Millenials are having dogs and plants instead of kids, yada, yada…you know the drill), you definitely won’t want to miss this Spring extravaganza that’s taking place from 9am to 1pm at the Botanical Gardens (another fab spot that a lot of people outside that general area are not aware of btw) in Kingston on May the 4th. For more info, go to