This Westerly Restaurant Is Cooking Up Something Delish For Every Type Of Eater

Last night we motored over to Graze Burgers in Westerly and I have some juicy details to share. Now, regular readers of the blog may know that I eat mostly plant based and vegetarian (Like Tom Ford - and definitely catch the recent Times piece penned about him by Maureen Dowd when you have a second - I do have the occassional piece of salmon every now and then.), so boy was I glad to learn that out that in addition to their grass fed (locally sourced) beef burgers, they also offer Impossible Burgers, meat-free patties that come pretty darn close to the look and taste of traditional ones. So, so good!

Holding up my Impossible Burger

Holding up my Impossible Burger

Something For Everyone

They also offer fresh salads, boxed water, Kombucha, Del’s, San Pellegrino, beer, and wine. But for all of you out there who love a burger, don’t despair because I brought along a friend (Side bar: we’ve known each other since college.) to sample their signature burger and fries (cooked old school style in beef tallow) and she literally couldn’t stop raving about how scrumptious everything was.

Shake It Off

And we both fell for their shakes that are a custard-like cosistency and completely outstanding! They’re available in four flavors - Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, and Caramel - and once you partake, you’ll wonder how on Earth you lived without them all these years.

Eat Great, Feel Greattt

We left feeling fantastic, with no foody remorse whatsoever (You know how THAT can happen.) because the folks at Graze use such top quality ingredients, including lots of organic. Highly recommending it for you and your SO or that friend who lives for new restaurant experiences in the OS (aka, Ocean State.).

*Many thanks to everyone at Graze for inviting us for their hospitality and a superb meal.

**Graze Burgers is located at 127 Granite Street in Westerly.