This City's Become Insta Famous For Bachelorette Weekends & Everything You'll Want To Know Before You Go

Let’s Get Nashty!

Let’s Get Nashty!



You've seen the photos and hashtags (#NashvilleLooksGoodOnYou) in your feeds on Instagram and Facebook.

Brides to be and their bridal parties (Nashlorettes!) having what looks like way too much fun in Nashville, Tenn. In some cases, even hiring local photographers to document their outfit choices against a backdrop of colorful murals or the skyline views from the pedestrian bridge.

Photo by MoreISO/iStock /Getty Images

Photo by MoreISO/iStock /Getty Images

Not sure when it became the top city for destination bachelorette weekends (According to a Times article on the cultural phenom, it all started about 5 yrs ago.), or when destination bachelorette weekends even became a thing, but we did chat with a few ladies who traveled there recently for such an event. After some verbal arm twisting (What happens in Nashvegas...), they looped us in, with these 7 things to know before you go.

  1. Up In The Clouds: From Logan, the flight is literally an hour and a half - it's easy! (Another reason to go, even if you're not tying the knot.)

  2. What The Wedding Party People Are Wearing: Most of the other brides-to-be and their parties were clad in jean shorts and matching slogan tees. We skipped the coordinating t-shirts (and cowboy boots) and instead went with ripped denim and crop tops or tanks. (Some people were more dressed up. Guessing they were locals?)

  3. Navigating Nashville: Use Uber. We learned a lot about what goes on in and around the city from our drivers. One told us that bartenders make 2K+ a weekend, enough to cover their rent for multiple months and then some.

  4. Where To Stay: We recommend reserving something on Airbnb because you can cook (breakfast especially...once you see #5, this will make more sense.), and there's more space for everyone to get ready. Also, the residential (vs. hotel) setup encourages more camaraderie among the group.

  5. Things’ll Be Great When You’re Downtown! There’s bar after bar, and each one had 5 or 6 floors with a different band on every level. There were also awesome rooftops bars, where we saw bartenders jumping up on top of the bar to sing and dance.

  6. Pedal Tavern, billed as the city's premiere party bike - that has groups drinking and pedaling but not driving - was the most popular attraction. It was completely sold out during our weekend there. (And this was before it was mentioned in that Times article about how Nashville is the hottest place right now for destination bachelorettes.)

  7. One of the most popular places for eats? Hattie B’s Chicken! The line was long, with a 2+ hour wait. Life Hack: If you’re smart like us, you’ll order online in advance, pick up, then sit at the outside counter and eat while everyone else is still standing in line.


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