Here's A Short List Of Celeb Sightings In Newport Last Weekend & This Summer's Looking Pretty Stellar


Last July it was Jay Leno sightings at the Stop & Shop, and talk of Judge Judy buying the manse once owned by Campbell’s Soup heiress Dorrance Hill Hamilton for a cool 12.5 million.

This year, well, things are looking even more intriguing…

Let’s kick things off with Jessie James and his missing French Bulldog Coco. For a moment or two this past weekend, the Twitter-verse was consumed with his lost bulldog and that 2 thousand dollar reward he had subsequently posted (last I saw it was at 5K, just saying). I mean, I reposted it - because I care about lost dogs! Even if said doggie belongs to a man who was untrue to 90’s era America’s Sweetheart Sandy Bullock. (Can you imagine Keanu doing such a thing? Never!)

While some were busy debating whether or not to care about JJ’s dog (for the record, I care about all missing pets.), and others like myself were housebound chillaxing in the ac, Demi Moore and at least one of her three daughters (Tallulah who for some reason goes by the IG handle Buuski) sashayed into town for a wedding at the famous Rosecliff Mansion on Bellevue on Saturday. (My niece got married there last July and it is everything you’ve probably heard and a whole lot more. Those titans of industry were not playing around during the Gilded Age, that’s for sure. 3 words - Top Shelf Elegance.)

Anywho, I’d LOVE to know where else Demi popped up. First, because she’s one of my fave actresses and secondly, because she always looks freakin’ fantastic! I mean, did she hit any juice bars or vegan eateries in and around Broadway? Or maybe she breezed over to The Preserve for an infrared sauna or something? Also, for those who might be unaware, Demi has a much anticipated memoir (called Inside Out) that’s being published by Harper Collins in September and I absolutely cannot wait to start poring over it.


As if that wasn’t enough, a little bird (okay, someone I know who happpens to follow him on Insta) told me that NPH - also known as Neil Patrick Harris - was also in NPT over the weekend for some sailing. Now, I first and foremost I want to know the story behind that NEW mustache. I mean, is it part of his summer break look? What exactly is the deal, Neil? PS ~ I feel like he’s someone who would sign an autograph or pose for a photo, as long as the person asking was nice and polite (none of that running up to take a selfie stuff without even bothering to ask) , ya know?

*Fall looks promising too, with John Legend scheduled to play an event for the Newport Tennis Hall of Fame in October. And you just know he’ll be bringing Chrissy Teigen with him. I mean, last time they were in the City by the Sea, she gushed about how cute the Panera was and Twitter went cray crazy!