The Quiet South County Cove For Your Next Beach Selfie Or Insta Story This Season

Last week when I went to work (at my summer job, which I am loving), the kids told me we were going crabbing.

My first thought: “Well, this should be interesting...I’ve never gone crabbing in my life!”

I decided to wear gym clothes and old sneakers - because my boyfriend had me convinced the crabs were going to bite my toes off.

After a pit stop at the dollar store for hot dogs and shoelaces, we were off.

We arrived at the URI BAY CAMPUS in Narragansett and I immediately noticed how breathtaking the view from above was. (I was in shock at how beautiful it was there.)

We parked below, emptied our car, and then made our way over to the beach.

Photo Courtesy Of The Author

Photo Courtesy Of The Author

We start crabbing and caught 1, then 2, then 3....4,5,6 - - - so many. It was so fun and we had some many laughs. Honestly I want to go back and do it again...who would of!

The other thing I noticed was how not crowded the beach was. There were maybe a handful of people with their kids (and dogs) in tow.

The place is a true hidden gem in Rhode Island. Quiet, but so fun.

Try it on your next beach day, and remember where you heard about it. (Wink!)