Text Your Beach & Restaurant Buddy Because You'll Both Want To Check Out This Place In WH

Ten Sandwiches , 98 Bay Street in Watch Hill

Ten Sandwiches, 98 Bay Street in Watch Hill

My family’s been enjoying Watch Hill in Westerly since the 1980’s (that’s pre-Taylor Swift AND pre-Graydon Carter…although I have signed up for his current project, a weekly newsletter called Air Mail that everyone in entertainment and media circles seems to be buzzing about all of a sudden).

One of my brothers even proposed to his wife in WH (over sandwiches from the Bay Street Deli) back in the day.

Also happy to report that over the last few years - the last 3, 4, and 5 - there have been a lot of new and exciting spots opening up in town (aka, on and around Bay Street). Today I’m talking about one such place that you’ll definitely want to check out once you’ve made those August vacay plans.

Ten Sandwiches used to be strictly breakfast faire, smoothies (highly recommending the Three with mango, kale, spinach, and banana with water instead of orange juice) , and yessss, 9+1 sandwiches when they first opened about 4 years ago.


Then they put in this gorgeous bar (photo above)!

I just love the light fixtures with the rope detail.

And my sister says the tile reminds her of a trip to the Amalfi Coast last summer, where decorative ceramic tile is as ubiquitous as lemons and limoncello there.

Photo Courtesy Of The   Ten Sandwiches Instagram

Photo Courtesy Of The Ten Sandwiches Instagram

We were all at Ten the other night for pizza and craft cocktails (if you guessed that there TEN creative and delish drinks on the menu, then ayup, you would be absolutely right), and one of my thirty-something nephews crystallized the situation when he said it reminded him of a fun bar that you might find in Brooklyn.

And one of my twenty-something nieces says it’s the best thing to happen to Watch Hill in forever.

***Ten Sandwiches is located at 58 Bay Street in Watch Hill, RI.***

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