3 Classic Spots You & Your BFF Will Want To Add To Your Watch Hill Agenda

After some intensive online research, I can say with some degree of certainty that Henry Ford, Clark Gable, & even Albert Einstein all summered in Watch Hill at one point or another back in the day. (If you haven't seen any Clark Gable movies, time to start stalking TCM for It Happened One Night, co-starring Claudette Colbert, who was the Julia Roberts of that era to Gable's Clooney.)

Okay, if you’re looking to experience a bit of WH Classic circa 2019 (And who pray tell isn’t?), read on for 3 top shelf recommendations to add to your summertime itinerary asap.

1. The T-Shirt Shop Across From The WH Yacht Club

Every summer we load up on tees and pullovers from this little shop set back from Bay Street - because you can never have enough to throw on after a day at beach, when it gets chilly at night, et cetera. Good hang around gear! And usually they have some kind of sale.


2. St. Clair's

We've already made multiple trips to the iconic St. Clair Annex for homemade ice cream. (No one ever says Annex in real everyday life btw.) Family owned since 1887, which is practically unheard of in this day and age, SC is getting with the program with avocado toast and Impossible Bugers on their menu this year too. The only call-out is that they take cash (no cc’s or debits), but there is an ATM inside, so no need to freak.


3. Olympia Tea Room

The locals and people in the know throughout RI didn't need anything in Vanity Fair telling them how great the Olympia Tea Room is 'cuz those people are probably already regulars. If you haven't been, it's only some of the most consistently outstanding food in the area. From salads and apps to their mussels, grilled pizza, or pasta, it's all terrif. Want a table without a long wait, especially post Vanity Fair mention a few years back? Mid week is your best bet.