The Broadway Show You & Your Theatre Fan BFF Will Want To Get To NYC ASAP For

Truth, Beauty, Freedom and Love Come to Broadway 


Moulin Rouge is a Sexy, Spectacular Musical Extravaganza 

To paraphrase the song, “Lady Marmalade”: Hey sista, go sista, gotta see this show, sista

Moulin Rouge! is a musical romp through the seedy and sexy side of Paris at the turn of the 20th Century, told through the eyes of Christian, a young, innocent American composer (and don’t forget poor!) who falls for the beautiful, seductive Satine, star of the famed night club. 

Fans of the 2001 Baz Luhrmann film, Moulin Rouge, starring Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman have been waiting decades to see their beloved story brought to the stage and the new Broadway production does not disappoint. 

The cast of the show holds true to the core of the film and brings more depth, more feeling and, of course, more songs! Moulin Rouge! contains your favorites like Elton John’s “Your Song” and, of course, “Lady Marmalade,” and adds to the mix more recent hits from artists like Lady Gaga, Sia and Lorde. There are some great surprises that will keep you moving in your seat. 


Stars Aaron Tveit and Karen Olivo bring the love story to life. As Christian and Satine, they are star-crossed from the very startbut you root for them and hope that love will conquer all despite the odds. 

Alas, as the tragic story unfolds, there is the Duke of Monroth who wants Satine for himself and has the money and power to make life difficult for her family at the Moulin Rouge. Tam Mutu brings the Duke to life with compassion and charm so that you almost don’t want to hate him. Until you absolutely do. 

Overseeing the motley crew of the Moulin Rouge is Harold Zidler, played with more energy than is humanly imaginable by Danny Burstein. He literally keeps the show moving from scene to scene. Zidler loves Satine and all of the dancers of the Moulin Rouge (especially that one young man), but, as the boss, he has tough choices to make to save them all. 

I will say no more about the plot! You must see the show for yourself and go along for the ride. 

And what a ride it is with an amazing cast of dancers that will stun you with what their bodies can do. I saw moves I’m still not sure I understand. The troop is beautifully diverse as well, coming in all shapes, sizes and gender identities. And those thighs – I’m drooling! It’s a good thing I wasn’t invited backstage to meet the cast in their dressing rooms. 

The entire theater is decked out in red – the color of passion. Or should I say sex? Because Moulin Rouge! is nothing if not sexy. If you aren’t aroused by someone or something during the show, then you’re probably dead inside. You might even be surprised by who or what catches your fancy. L’amour, indeed!  

Moulin Rouge! is that very special type of show that truly transports you to another place and time. The last show I remember having that impact on me was Cabaret at Studio 54. You have to see it live on Broadway for yourself to truly appreciate and enjoy the experience. 

As Lady Marmalade might say, “Hello, hey Joe! You oughtagive it a go.”

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