The Organic Farm Where You’ll Want To Veg Out This Season

The Other Day At The Good Earth In Hope, Rhode Island

The Other Day At The Good Earth In Hope, Rhode Island

By now, you're probably well aware that locally grown and in season produce is best case scenario when it comes to eating healthier and feeling fantastic.

Also, another given is that your dollars tend to go a whole lot further at farmers markets than they do at most groceries and supermarkets. 

But what to do if you're  someone whose schedule simply doesn't jell with most markets, especially the ones on the weekend that are wrapping up just as you've had your last cuppa coffee and are still considering whether or not to venture out at all.

The answer? Go right to the source, of course. #RomaineCalmAndGoToTheFarm

But pro tip…make sure to leave your cute shoes at home, and try wearing something more on the sturdy side. (Dirt is NOT their friend, just a gentle reminder from someone who’s ruined more than a few pairs over these last few years and continues to grieve their untimely end.)


Now one of my personal go-to’s for locally grown, organic vegetables (not all farms or farm stands in the area are organic…there, I said it) happens to be The Good Earth on Scituate Avenue, just over the Cranston line in Hope, RI.

We motored over this week and scooped up a bunch of veggies, including the gorgeous native tomatoes and garlic in the photo above.

Leave some for me when you go tho! (Seriously, no joke.)

And ohhhhhh, you will most definitely want to go asap.

I mean, last September (As for those who keep saying Summer’s over, can we pump the brakes on all THAT talk? If anything, we are at maybe the half way mark since the official calendar end of the season is September 23rd.), I bought some eggplant there that our dinner guests at the time said was the best they’d ever tasted.


Also, someone who shall remain nameless just told me that those tomatoes (from the photo above) are the best she’s tried this Summer.

Kind of a big deal, right?

***The Good Earth Organic Farm & Garden Center is located at 1800 Scituate Avenue in Hope, RI.