This RI Singer Is Sharing Her Local Favs & You'll Want To Revisit Them This Weekend

This Is Skylar Batz

I am a singer/songwriter in Providence. Here are my favorite things and places:

PVD photo courtesy of Stacey Doyle Photography

PVD photo courtesy of Stacey Doyle Photography

1. While bundling up in Prov. you still wanna look nice...I am loving my MAC lip gloss in Cherry Blossom. 

2. If you like going going out and listening to music, here is an awesome place for you: AS220, a restaurant, bar, and performance space

3. A good lunch (place) is Pizza JI have performed there a couple times and it’s awesome. Unique and such fun. 

4. If you're downtown and thinking of a fancy but extremely good restaurant, check out The Dorrance. Amazing food, and on Friday and Saturday nights there's a live band!

Photo from @TheNitroCart on IG

Photo from @TheNitroCart on IG

5. Need a new obsession? Right now I am loving The Nitro Cart. It’s coffee that has nitro in it, so basically it’s bubbly coffee. Not your thing? Try Dave’s Coffee and make sure to order a coffee milk latte (another obsession of mine!).

6. My new EP - Gone! It's Available on SoundCloud, YouTube and Bandcamp. Also, if you're a music geek like me, check out Empire Guitar. They are amazing and really know their stuff.


Photo Credits: Additional photos courtesy of Skylar Batz Music