The Best Ice Cream You've Probably Never Heard Of...Until Now

They don't take credit (or debit) cards, but they will take you to ice cream euphoria!

Talking of course about The Ice Cream Barn in Swansea, just over the Rhody line. So worth the drive (You may want to time yours, so that it doesn't coincide with peak rush hour tho.), I've already checked in from there on IG, but with the change of season (and the sun finally making a welcome re-appearance recently), felt it was time to go back to make sure their ice cream was still as outstanding as I remembered.

The verdict? A resounding HECK YESSSSSS!

Funny part about this place is that up until the last year, year and a half, it was definitely a legit hidden treasure, one that people would rather not tell their friends about for fear of it being overrun. As a matter of fact, the girl who clued me in back in early 2015 (That very first photo above is from my initial visit back in '15.) did so begrudingly. Oh. Well. The Cliff's Notes version of this place, as I understand it, is that it was started by two Brown Grads, in conjunction with the owner of Baker Farm (upon which the 'Barn' sits), and word of the off-the-charts deliciousness of their ice cream started spreading throughout Swansea, over the border into RI, and beyond. 

Yesterday, I dug into their coffee, a classic made with real coffee and local milk (There are cows grazing in the field directly across the street btw.), that could easily be described as the best I've ever tasted in my entire life. They also offer special limited run flavors, frozen yogurt, sundaes, and more. So many choices. Rather than ramble on about menus, allow me to highly encourage you (As we used to say in my retail days - "Help me help you!") to grab some cash (Remember, no plastic!) and take a jaunt over this Spring and Summer. 


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