4 Tips For A Drama Free Day Trip This Season

A while back, we were in Boston for the day, for meetings, lunch, and a little old school brick & mortar store shopping. Yeah, it's crazy hectic, especially during the morning commute and at lunch time, but don't let that deter you from venturing over the Ocean State line. We're here with four insider tips and shortcuts to help you navigate your next excursion, the next time you're feeling kinda restless and in need of an afternoon away.

1. We suggest taking the T and buying your tickets via their app. (Yup, there's an app for THAT!) It's cheaper than buying your tix at the station, or on the train, and who isn't jazzed about saving a few bucks? Yes the T can be disgusting in terms of housekeeping, or lack of, but we'd much rather take a cat nap or scroll our Facebook and Instagram feeds than sit stewing (MAD as heck) in traffic.

2. Let's face it, we all wish we could dress like a supermodel of the moment (Gigi and Kendall, righttt?). But realistically, you'll be doing a lot of walking - unless of course, you're lazy as F and take Ubers everywhere - so dress for style and comfort. It can be done: Think skinny jeans with lots of stretch, layers (Mom was right, always carry a jacket or sweater!), and a crossbody (so you have your hands free for holding a water bottle or consulting Google Maps on your phone). And make sure to wear your most comfy flats, ones that are already broken in. Otherwise, you'll be miserable after hour one. Also, beauty wise, blotting papers from Shiseido or Tatcha (a recent fav) are a must for keeping your makeup from melting off your face by hours two and three. 

3. After hustling our way off the train (Prepare yourself for the de-train frenzy once you arrive at Back Bay Station.), we walked, met with a few peeps on some blog-related biz, and then, walked more. (See our previous note about footwear.) No surprise, by noon, we were starving. But where to go? We suggest Sweet Green on Boylston. It's the hot spot to lunch among the cool kids (and grown-ups) in the city. It's salad and grain bowls, made while you watch, with lots of locally farmed ingredients. You will have to stand in line for 5-10 minutes just to get to the counter to place your order, but use that time to eyeball that menu, make some key decisions about your meal. The salads are so fresh and delicious, it's totally worth the wait. When we left, the line was out the door and down the block, so a lot of Bostonians feel the same. 

*More restaurant picks, courtesy of one of our fav guest bloggers who frequents Boston - the Trident on Newbury (a bookstore cafe), Cafeteria on Newbury, and Stephanie's on Newbury

4. Need a snack that travels well before catching the train back to PVD? Try JUGOS (The J is silent.), right inside Back Bay Station. To the untrained eye, it looks like a hole in the wall juice shop. It's so much more though. They have everything healthy you can think of - juices, smoothies, acai bowls, and other snacks that won't make you feel the least bit guilty. It's also the perfect pit stop the day after you've had one too many cocktails or pizzas. (Been there, done that, will probably do it again.) The line here was also out the freakin' door, so, if possible, pre-order and pre-pay for your eats and drinks online. They will have it ready and waiting. You just grab and go. 

Team Patty J


Photo Credits: 'Boston Tulip' photo used with permission. Additional photos courtesy of Pexels and PattyJ.com.

*This blog has been updated, edited, and modified from an original post about Bean Town that appeared on the blog in April 2016.