Yes, This Really Is The Best Place In The World

Positano. I'm probably still not pronouncing it correctly, but who cares? It's unlike anywhere else and I'm urging you to update your Wanderlust List asap. Need more convincing? Stalk the photos above (We took them last fall while touring the Amalfi Coast with Collette. I actually lost a bunch of others after upgrading to a new phone a few months ago. Trying to be zen, but honestly, it's heartbreaking.). Next, check out these behind the scenes reveals from our trip.


If you can chillax about the oh-so-narrow road (with those super sharp turns) that brings you into town, then we're gonna get along fine because the views from there will WOW you more than spying Jude Law at a sidewalk cafe in Rome. (Yeah, THAT happened on our trip too!) Postcard perfect and pure Instagram gold. 

Btw: Figured it wouldn't be a good idea to go over and start snapping pics of Jude that night. Thought I read somewhere - Maybe Page Six? - that he used to throw oranges at paparazzi from his balconey when he was living in Greenwich Village near NYU. And don't even get me started about the possibility that Sienna Miller (ex-fiance of Jude) and Brad Pitt might be a couple now!

Some Insider Info

Everyone's going to tell you about the coffee, the gelato, and the limoncello in and around Positano, but our tour manager clued us in on something else that we dubbed the Italian Del's - lemon granita. And they give you a straw and a spoon. (It's only ok to use those in Italy with lemon granita. Back home, with an actual Del's, it's just wrong on too many levels. #dontdoit)


Take note style bloggers, aspiring ones, and all those who simply like to look sharp: Amid the pastel villas overlooking the almost iredescent blue water, even the most style conscious peeps we saw were wearing sneakers. Blame it on the cobblestones and those bleeping hills. Extra points if you can incorporate a great pair of sunnies into your ensemble as well. (Remember it's near impossible to take a bad photo while wearing sunglasses. Why else do you think so many bloggers and Instagram celebs seem to wear them 24/7?)


Speaking of which, who are the superstars that frequent this jaw droppingly gorgeous destination on the Amalfi Coast? None other than international icon, and mega watt star of Italian cinema, Sophia Loren. I also heard that Denzel (No last name needed.) vacations there. Dustin and Julia have been spotted on occasion too, and the former Prime Minister of Italy also has a residence. 

Stay tuned for more international travel type posts like this in the near future. (Winky Face)


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