7 Reasons For You To Say Yes To Personal Days & Go Here Because Staycation Goals


There was that time I was supposed to pick someone up at the airport (The true litmus test of love - familial, friend-based, romantic, you name it! - is whether or not someone will pick you up at the airport. Try it sometime why don't you.), but ultimately, ended up touring The Weekapaug Inn instead.

You're probably already familiar with The Ocean House; the WI is under the same umbrella in terms of ownership, etc. It's also staycation goals for anyone wanting to either a) unplug and do some totally zen-tastic relaxing or b) go into full-on blogger/social media snap happy getaway mode.

Either way, who doesn't feel like they need a staycation of some sort right about now? I mean hello, deep freeze, getting your after Christmas credit card bills, the subsequent January blues, and on and on. Anywho, here are some of the noteworthy bits of info and observation I want to pass along to inspire your next excursion.

  1. A while back, someone I'd gone to school with, who'd since relocated to the Westerly area, reached out with a juicy tidbit of (capital G) GOSSIP. Apparently, word on the street in South County was that Bob DeNiro had stayed at the OH at some point, but had frequented the WI several times for dinner because he loved the food there. Of course, that peaked my curiosity.
  2. On the way, make sure to stop at Weekapaug Point (aka, Spray Rock Point). With the water crashing against the rocks at the shore and the row of old, majestic homes in the background, it reminded me a lot of my time at Kennebunkport, Maine back in the early 2000's. If you're social media obsessed, get your SO (or significant other) to take your pic in the vicinity. Otherwise, just drink in the postcard perfect New England beauty of it all.
  3. Don't stress over tipping the valet. Similar to a stay at the OH, it's an all inclusive situation, so no fumbling for bills at the bottom of your bag. (Who carries cash around anymore anyway?)
  4. The Inn itself is on the National Register of Historic Places, but don't let that scare you into thinking it's stodgy. It's not. The rooms, from suites to doubles (31 total), are Rhody rustic meets updated cozy minimalist-ish. There are no tv's or landlines. Unless you want them. (If you can't live without, the staff will set them up pretty quickly.) Perfect for kicking back, finally writing that screenplay or great American novel, or taking tons of photos to upload later. (Probably not a good idea to advertise you're on vacay while you're actually away; after all, look what happened to Kyle Richards of ROBH during her recent Aspen trip.)
  5. Yes to water views and the retro-inspired claw foot tubs. Straight outta your dream Pinterest Boards or any number of home decor IG accounts you may currently be stalking. (#InstaWorthy) Act accordingly. 
  6. There’s also their exclusive blend of Dave's Coffee, as well as the warm chocolate chip cookies and other snacks you'll find in the guest pantries on all levels. Eat, drink up, and maybe document the whole darn thing with mobile uploads.
  7. It's the ideal place to take that friend who thinks they know everything about Westerly + Watch Hill for lunch or dinner. Sure, they know The Seasons at the Ocean House or The Olympia Tea Room in town or maybe even The Cooked Goose, but have they experienced the low key elegance of The Restaurant? Here's also hoping they give you credit when they go back with their other friends for lunch or dinner.

Photo Credits: Weekapaug Photos courtesy of PattyJ.com