Got It Maid: How To Get Out Of Cleaning Your House

A while back, I was watching a Facebook Live video of Martha (Stewart) washing windows at her house in Connecticut with paper towels (I think her pick is Bounty, in case you care.) and a mixture of vinegar and water. Any of her cleaning videos help me relax (Ditto for cooking & gardening!), but they fall short of jumpstarting my own ambitions in that area. I mean, things I'd rather do instead of spending hours mopping, scrubbing, and dusting?* Just about anything really, which is why I was psyched when MaidPro PVD reached out and offered me the opportunity to try their service. Uh, that's a resounding YES! 

*Things I'd Rather Do Instead Of Housework: have a 2nd (or 3rd) cuppa coffee; catch up on season 3 of Younger and/or season 2 of Scream Queens on demand; scroll thru pictures of adorable puppies on Instagram; scroll thru pics of photogenic food on Insta. #yougetthepicture

I booked the appointment about a week in advance and was beyond pleased when the day of, S. from MPP (That's MaidPro PVD) called to let me know she was on the way and shortly thereafter, appeared at my door. Because I'm Type A (Yup, it's still totally possible to be Type A and hate cleaning.), I walked S. thru the house, explaining to her what I needed done. Well, this lovely lady exceeded my expectations and by the time we said our goodbyes (She left me after 3 hours and with fab follow-up info from the locally based owner himself, Brian O'Toole.), my space was looking pretty darn GREAT. (#Photos above.) The bathrooms, hard woods, kitchen, and bedrooms were pristine. Full Disclosure: I may have done a little happy dance after she exited. Did I also mention that we have 2 dogs that visit us on the reg and they shed like cray crazy? Shoutout to S. for erasing any traces of dog hair, dust, and other stuff we'd rather not have around.

Now, I also follow MaidPro PVD on Instagram and one thing they do every month, that I am tres impressed with, is a pay it forward giveaway of a FREE housecleaning to someone who is going thru a challenging time. Absolutely no strings attached. Speaking of which, one of my fav local bloggers, Holly of Holly Likes To Cook, was nominated for, and received, a complimentary cleaning during her recent pregnancy (She had twins!) and was thrilled with the results. Do you know someone who puts everything and everyone else first? Someone who truly deserves to have their day brightened with a sparkling clean house or apartment? Click here to nominate. (To see some of the previous recipients, take a look at the MaidPro PVD Insta. They're the real deal.)

Ciao for Now,

Patty J


Photo Credits: MaidPro illustration from their Insta. All other pics courtesy of