Is Little Compton The Hamptons Of Rhode Island?

After a friend of mine relocated to the Ocean State a while back, I noticed she kept asking me about Block Island. Apparently, the NY Times had christened it the NEW Nantucket. Well, I had no idea (For the record, I have the Times App on my phone and will peruse it whenever I'm detoxing from FB, IG, and Twitter. That counts as a break, right?), but I figure that if the peeps at The Times can say that, then I can say that Little Compton is the Rhody equivalent of The Hamptons. Kinda sorta.

So, the whole Hamps comparison actually does hold up when you think of both having a mix of lush farmland and lovely coastline & beaches, along with all those historic houses with the weathered shingles. Of course, LC isn't party central and I hear the residents are quite pleased that it has remained an oasis of quiet and tranquility, sans chain stores or strip mall of any kind. (In other words, get your Starbucks or DD beforehand.) Can't say I blame them, but if we're being really honest here, just want to confess that if I hit the lottery any time soon, I'm buying The Stone House and reopening it because I bet there are so many people in CT, NY, and NJ who would be #obsessed with staying there and soaking in the sunshine and the unspoiled charm of LC. [Note: K, someone just told me that The Stone House is under new ownership now and has actually reopened, which means one thing - expect another post about it on this blog soon. WINK.]

Until that jackpot tho, I'm recommending visiting the farm stands, like Young's or Walker's, on West Main Road and the beach. I was at Young Family Farm yesterday and they could not have been nicer. They even let me snap dozens of pics of the interior and exterior of their greenhouse/storefront. (#ThankYou) I picked up some native strawberries and tomatoes and you should too. ('Tis the season ya know!) They also had tons of plants and flowers to gush over if you're in the market for some fresh ones for your yard or table.

Next, I had the chance to check out South Shore Beach which definitely lives up to the hype. (My best tip for beaching it - especially if you're ghostly and ghastly pale like me - is to go after 2 or 3pm. It isn't as intensely hot or as cray crazy crowded.) Yeah, it is rockier than the beaches in Gansett, but that's part of its charm. (Speaking of which, someone at the Times also published an essay about it being rocky, and having this love/hate relationship with it, but pretty sure he grew up in Little Comp.) Half of it was packed, as most of the others in the OS were in yesterday's 90+ temps, but as I walked further down, I spied a few more rocks and a lot less people. (Photos above.) Fine with me. So, grab your shades and your bathing suit (The aesthetic is New England Preppy meets Rumpled Academic meets Surf's Up, if you care.) and motor on over for some daycation time this season.

Ciao for Now,

Patty J


Photo Credits: All photos courtesy of me